Program BridgeCAD allows to generate the bridge abutments
then calculated in SOFiSTiK package.

  • Based on graphic interface are created .dat files, which user then calculates in SOFiSTiK package.
  • The program generates all types of bridge abutments founded shallow and on foundation piles.
  • The program is dedicated as a tool for designing of bridges structures using SOFiSTiK package.
  • The company SOFiSTiK on its website posted an official announcement about the program BridgeCAD.

For details of BridgeCAD capabilities invite you to visit the site:

ABT module - defining abutment structures

ABT contains 12 types of abutment structure geometries what covers 99% of design cases.

ABT generates output files with defined abutment geometry, its all loads and such elements as slabs and beams supported by springs.

Models are loaded by abutment self-load and shrinkage, all ground effects, traffic and all loads from deck.

KXG module - defining pile foundation

KXG generates a structure of horizontal spring supports arranged along the axis of pile and corresponding ultimate soil response.

KXG includes author's scheme of pile foundation diversiting stiffness of soil depending on the pile’s location in foundation.

Results of calculation are presented graphically as distribution of module of horizontal stiffness of soil and ultimate soil resistance.