forGeo means solutions for geotechnics

We started our activity in 2005

Who are we?

forGeo company is a producer of software in the field of geotechnics.

We offer specialized software for designing the pile foundations.

Our activity was started in 2005. We made our software on the basis of long experience in geotechnics and IT solutions.

What differs us?

Flagship feature of forGeo is innovation and optimization of solutions.

Our software is made by the geotechnical engineers.

The forGeo software allows to optimize design solutions. Offered programs combine innovative geotechnical solutions with speed and ease of use.

What's our goal?

Goal of forGeo is improvement and development of the software.

That’s why we create and develope our programs since over a dozen years.

Our software enables comprehensive design of pile foundations. ForGeo programs are compatible with the latest operating systems.